A Glimpse of what's Ahead

The Saga of the Aryans continues on. Yasmin is a captive of the barbarians, what is to be her fate? Will the brave warrior Peshotan rescue her? Noshirwan lies dying, while his wife Havovi cries her heart out for her separated husband and daughter. Will she see them again?

The Great Migration continues. Will the noble Aryans escape the ice age, through all the deaths and disasters brought on by the evil one, and reach the majestic land of Iran, where their promised Saviour and Prophet Asho Zarathushtra is to be born?

Volume I tells us all this.

In Volume II, eight thousand years before today, the great Prophet Zarathushtra is born, in a day and age when the Aryans have almost forgotten their ancestral religion. The world-soul cries out to Ahura Mazda for a Saviour to protect her and remedy the evil, and Ahura Mazda heeds her cries and sends the Mighty Prophet Zarathushtra.

But magicians abound - and they are out to destroy the baby Zarathushtra. Will he survive? Will the Power of God ultimately triumph over evil, in this world; a battleground between the forces of good and evil?

Read the glorious Saga of the Aryans, to understand and appreciate the true meaning of the ancient eastern word "Aryan" - nobility in its highest form, reverance to one's parents and teachers, and protection of the weak. The Saga is based on the ancient scriptures of the most ancient religion of mankind - the Aryan religion of Mazdayasna (Mazda-worship), which has influenced almost every major religion on earth that was to follow.

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