Chapter Two: The Ratheshtar (warrior) Peshotan

It was Evening and the sun was lolling on the horizon. At the North of the world, in the then warm Arctic, the Aryan community had made its abode. The day's work had ended and the people met in the square as usual, men and women together; to sing and dance in joy under the light of torches and to raise thanks to Ahura.

The Aryans had always been filled with the zest of life from time immemorial.

The girls formed a long line, shoulder to shoulder and arms around one another's waists, and started dancing to the sound of clapping from the gathered men. The crowd watched, entranced.

Out of the entire line of girls, one girl outshone the rest, just as the moon outshines the stars at night. Tall and delicate and as beautiful as a red rose, the girl had finely chiselled features, ocean blue eyes and long golden hair forming a gorgeous halo behind her face. As she twirled her body in tune to the clapping, her well-formed breasts and her perfect body entranced all the men who saw her. The crowd was enraptured, and a collective sigh went up from the mouths of those who had assembled that night:

"Who is this flower of the Aryan race?"

A proud voice answered. It was the voice of Havovi, the wife of Noshirwan.

"It's my daughter Yasmin!"

By this time the young men had also noticed the beautiful fifteen year old. One by one they came up to her, their hands clapping in rhythm to the group song, their faces smiling and their eyes looking deep into her; but the maiden shook her head and lifted an arm each time to send the distraught reject away. One by one they came, the fair, the handsome youth of the Aryans, until she lifted both hands up in despair, her lips bursting out in song:

Fair face and handsome demeanour

These are not all I seek for;

But manly bravery, the pride of a warrior

A True Believer in Ahura Mazda,

Such a youth will I wed

And keep as my own for ever!

Suddenly, a shout went up from the assemblage. "Make way, make way, a messenger from King Jamshed!". A heavy Rath was drawing near, the sound of its iron wheels rumbling through the ground. The dancers broke away and mingled with the crowd as the Rath came into the clearing.

The crowd gathered around as the Ratheshtar reigned in his horses. As he turned to face the people, they saw that he was a tall youth, with penetrating deep-brown eyes that commanded their attention at once. He was dressed in the armour of a Ratheshtar, which meant a coat of mail made of rings of brass, a helmet of brass and a belt to support a sharp sword. He also carried a long and heavy Vadhare or club made of iron, with a horned bull's head at the top.

The young Ratheshtar began to speak. All eyes were riveted on him. This included Yasmin, who; lost in the crowd about her, felt a tremor in her young breast as she perceived this youth. And then she heard his voice, which sounded as the rumbling of a great waterfall; distinct and commanding.

"My Aryan blood brothers and sisters! I am named Peshotan by my mother, the son of the Aryan Framroz, of the clan of Athwya. My ancestor was the great Faredun. I am the Ratheshtar, the warrior of Lord Ahura Mazda and of the Great Aryan King Jamshed.

The King of Kings Jamshed has ordered me to convey to you, his Aryan subjects whom he considers as his own children; the following message which I now speak in his own words:

"I, King Jamshed, Worshipper of Ahura Mazda and ruler of the Aryan nation of tribes; pay respect to you, my good subjects.

"An issue of the utmost importance has emerged, which has led me to take a decision. Indeed, this decision is of far-reaching consequence to the history of the whole Aryan nation. It must be reflected upon by each member of the race.

"Due to the blessings of Ahura Mazda, I have been able to fulfil my obligations as a Ruler and have given you justice, peace and prosperity. As you, my people, well know; Ahura Mazda taught me His beautiful religion which we know as the Mazdayasni religion. Only one man had been taught the religion by Ahura before me, and that man was Gayomard, the first man in the world.

"Having been taught His religion, I asked Ahura to make me His Prophet. But Ahura declined, saying that I was unfit for the task; and that I should be content with Righteous Kingship over the Aryan race. So saying, He blessed my reign with peace, plenty and prosperity.

"Accepting the Will of Almighty Ahura Mazda, I asked Him to choose another righteous person as His Prophet, and Ahura promised me He would do so in the days to come; when the good Mazdayasni religion would loose its vibrant vitality and need a saviour to redeem it from such a state.

"Such a prophet will be the Great Zarathustra, born to one of your descendants; my people, and from thenceforth the Mazdayasni religion will be called the Mazdayasni Zarathustri religion."

Surprise and awe was written large on the faces of many of the people who were listening. Tears welled up in the eyes of some, and a whisper went up from the crowd......

Praise be to Zarathustra, the Promised One!

Praise be to Ahura Mazda, the Lord of Lords!

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